Luke Macnab



BSc (Hons), MArch (Hons)

Since joining the practice in 2016 Luke has contributed to several, mainly residential, projects. The most significant of these has been the initial residential phases of YTL’s re-development of Filton Airfield, for which Luke has been involved from pre-planning through to resolution on site. Notably, Luke also contributed to the revised Filton Airfield masterplan, following YTL’s acquisition of the Brabazon Hangars.

At a smaller scale, Luke lead the design for Alexandra Palace’s Theatre Bar. He also designed a school block with the practice’s ‘Feilden Foundation’ charity and has a longstanding involvement with the local creative festival ‘Forest of Imagination’. Luke is an intermittent external reviewer at Cardiff University.

Luke Macnab


Brabazon Housing, Phase 2

Rubengera TSS

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