Going Down. Our Carbon 2024 Footprint

21 February 2024

2024 Carbon Footprint trajectory

Since 2006 we have calculated our practice carbon footprint annually.  We monitor this alongside the carbon impact of the buildings we design, and have in a place a public carbon reduction plan, that will help us to meet the RIBA Climate Challenge targets for 2030.

We calculate our footprint by person to ensure that we have a consistent measurement, as the size of the practice fluctuates over time. For 2023, our carbon footprint is 0.60t carbon per person.  This is a reduction on last year’s 0.70t per person, and 57% lower than the baseline figure we were emitting in 2013.

With projects back in full flow post pandemic, it is inevitable that we are travelling more. While we try to travel by train, bike and foot, some projects, e.g. our Green City Kigali project, require flights, and some places are easier to get to by (electric) car – especially during train strikes. We travel only when we have a reason to travel, which is also better for everyone’s wellbeing.

Our new ASHP is helping to reduce our dependency on gas for heating in our London Studio and we are continuing to benefit from the decarbonisation of the grid. This also links into the local Camden air quality plan, reducing the emission of NOx and particulates, supporting a healthy neighbourhood.  

Joe Jack Williams, Partner said “ We’re making fantastic progress towards our net zero goal. However, the first half is the easy part. Getting to our ultimate target of net zero carbon by 2030 will be progressively harder. For now, we are on the right trajectory.”