White Room
In Brief

Forest of Imagination


June 2019

White Room is a temporary structure created for Forest of Imagination, Bath’s annual festival of sustainable and creative education. First located in the gardens of The Holburne Museum, it is a place for performance, exhibitions, workshops, talk and play during the festival and beyond.  

Made from materials chosen to be reusable, recyclable and where possible, fully recycled, it provokes conversations about the lifecycle of plastics and has been designed to be fully demountable for reuse in the future. 

The design provides the fundamental aspects of a pavilion: a platform, columns and a roof. Yet, it also explores the exciting future potential of its material. Lightweight, mobile and re-usable, it can be continually disassembled and re-assembled, re-used and adapted year-on-year.

The walls and floor are made of Ekoply panels. Manufactured using waste Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) – plastics that would normally go to landfill – their use in White Room redirects over 1000kg of plastic into new uses. Using full, standard-sized sheets reduces offcuts and wastage and increases the chances of reuse.

Simply constructed, the White Room can be taken apart and rebuilt in future, and at the end of its life the materials can be reused or recycled into something new.

White Room is a blank canvas, a stage, a shelter, a breathing space and a place for reflection.


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