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University of Warwick


Construction Value:
£33 million 


The new Faculty of Arts building for the University of Warwick will unite the Arts and Humanities Faculties in one building, fostering new collaborations in the heart of the University campus.

Set within the landscaped campus of the University of Warwick, the building will become the cultural heart of the university, located at the end of the main route across campus and in between the Oculus Building and the Arts Centre. 

Considered as four light-filled pavilions set around a grand central stair, each one houses teaching spaces, offices and academic clusters. In place of a traditional atrium, a large wooden stair spirals around a series of spaces for use as studios, exhibition and event spaces.

Physical connections between the four faculty departments will present the opportunity for serendipitous meetings and research collaborations, creating a strong community of scholarship, teaching and learning.

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