University of Liverpool Masterplan
In Brief

Client: University of Liverpool

Location: Liverpool

Completion: Masterplan completed 2019 

The University of Liverpool is at the physical, historical and emotional heart of Liverpool. Our masterplan unifies the fragmented parts of the campus, creating a coherent vision that firmly establishes the University as a top Russell Group member, the centre of Liverpool’s knowledge quarter and an essential part of the city.

Liverpool’s 38 hectare Campus is made up of 50 buildings. Through a series of integrated proposals, the masterplan amplifies the potential of the campus as a place for learning, working and socialising – shaping and positively affecting every facet of student life.

The masterplan aims to create a strong connected vision for the waterfront site as a whole, to make the most of the historic location, public spaces and the National Museums Liverpool’s buildings, and for a range of sustainable and engaging activities. It also takes in satellite locations, expanding the reach of the masterplan to the Leahurst and Ness Gardens sites.

Key existing buildings are retained and creatively reused, weaving between new architectural proposals. A new park at the heart of the campus becomes a focus for student life. Pedestrian priority is given by moving parking to the edge of campus and carefully adapting the flow of traffic. It also includes a commitment to becoming a 1,000 tree campus, within a carefully devised public realm vision.

Through these and other proposals, the university becomes a model for sustainable development, cementing the University as a guardian of the past and innovator of the future.

University of Liverpool

“We really appreciated the development of our guiding principles, which set the tone for a sustainable future, recognising the importance of a holistic approach in the process and the creation of green urban space contributing towards wellbeing.”

Alex Beedle, Interim Director of Facilities Residential and Commercial Services University of Liverpool
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