In Brief

Genesis Housing Group

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Construction value:

July 2017


Mildmay is a mixed use project, combining a variety of private and social residential units, a church, commercial space and a hospital. The development is located close to the Shoreditch Triangle on land off Hackney Road, close to the Boundary Estate and St Leonard’s Church.

FCBStudios have worked with Matthew Lloyd Architects and East to bring forward the Masterplan and detailed design of the scheme.

Genesis Housing Group is the main client for this project, with user groups including the Shoreditch Tabernacle Baptist Church and The Mildmay Hospital. 

Anchored around the listed Tab Centre community building, the design restores historic links across the site through new pedestrian-oriented public realm and outdoor amenity space.

The site comprises seven individual blocks which are sculpted to respond to surrounding buildings, streets and open spaces. The often dramatic raking forms of the scheme will provide a very strong character to this part of the St Leonards Conservation Area. Each of the individual blocks is articulated with a different brick type and colour while being unified by a common language of ground floor front doors, balconies and bay windows.