Brooke Mead
In Brief

Brighton Hove City Council/ Lambert Smith Hampton


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Brooke Mead will provide an extra care housing scheme for older people and those living with dementia. It will serve as a quality extra care scheme in the heart of the City centre in an area with substantial numbers of older people, many from low income households in poor neighbourhoods.

Many of the older people appear to be living on the periphery of this central location and are often excluded and marginalised from the wider community. Proposed investment of an extra care housing scheme in this location will make a major contribution to the quality of life for those who hitherto have been unable to access affordable supported high quality accommodation and provide an alternative form of housing for those who can no longer live at home and who previously would have to move to a care home. An extra care scheme offers older people a dignified environment which enhances their quality of life.

The scheme provides a mix of 1 bed and 2 bed apartments, 10% of the units are fully wheelchair accessible and all units have been designed to Lifetime home standards. The ground floor incorporates community spaces including a garden, with mini-allotments overlooking the garden space from the third floor. The project will be Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 and was granted planning permission in December 2013.

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