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Bath Abbey


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Hot spring water first harnessed and channelled by the Romans lies at the heart of the Footprint Project, designed to accommodate the wide range of activities and increasingly diverse communities around Bath Abbey. Our scheme includes the sustainable reuse of the Roman spring water, as well as providing new meeting spaces, creating new offices and a new song school for one of the county’s best choirs.

Working at the heart of a World Heritage Site on a Grade I listed building, the design team developed an intimate understanding of the site’s historic and architectural layers. The Abbey is unique in being both a pure example of Perpendicular Gothic architecture and built directly on the footprint of its Romanesque predecessor. 

FCBStudios set out to reinforce this historic relationship by using the renewable hot spring water as a sustainable heating source for the Abbey to meet the 21st century challenge of reducing carbon emissions. A new welcome space and interpretation centre will provide a more open and accessible frontage to the public realm, revealing the site's evolution and development to the City’s visitors.

You can read more about this important project in an article written by the Project Lead and Partner Geoff Rich 'Bath Abbey: just add water..!’ 

"The studio team really understand and share our vision to transform the Abbey and make it useable, sustainable and hospitable for all"
Charles Curnock Bath Abbey Footprint Project Director