Woodland Burial Park, Emma Wood, Rainford
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GreenAcres Woodland Burials


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February 2014

A sequence of buildings designed to be spiritually uplifting and have minimal impact on the environment providing a unique range of bereavement and ceremonial facilities.

Located at Emma Wood in Rainford, Merseyside, every detail of this new Woodland Burial Park has been designed to harmonise with its woodland setting. The buildings are made from, and clad in, wood, their relationship to the surrounding trees emphasised with views out through large picture windows. The quality of dappled light that is characteristic of the site was inspiration for the quality of light brought into the building, where windows are fitted with ‘veils’ of vertical timber ribs that filter the light, as if through tree branches. Even the way in which spaces are heated in winter - with a log boiler fuelled by timber coppiced from the woods – enhances the connection between building and woodland.

We have created a sequence of calm and uplifting interiors, responding to the client’s need for spaces that  are ‘spiritually strong’ and where everyone could feel comfortable. Our sequence of three building types – a Reception Building, a ceremonial Woodland Hall, and a Maintenance Barn - can be used in future projects by the client at their other UK sites.

Energy conservation was also a key concern. We have maximised the opportunity for natural light and ventilation, while solar panels along the roof of the south-facing Maintenance Barn offset the buildings’ electricity usage.

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"Feilden Clegg Bradley's Gathering Hall at the GreenAcres Woodland Burial Park at Rainford, Lancashire: well-proportioned reflexive angularity, Douglas fir boards, intelligent detailing; humble but admirable."
Jay Merrick Architects' Journal, January 2015
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