Thomas Gainsborough School
In Brief

Kier Construction

Sudbury, Suffolk

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March 2017

Set within the expansive Suffolk landscapes famously portrayed by romantic painter Thomas Gainsborough, the new school is conceived as a timeless and elegant country house beneath vast open skies.

The four-storey brick building is arranged around three atria; each one allowing for natural ventilation and light to enter the circulation spaces, offering constantly changing experiences of light and shadow. These atria add a sense of orientation and richness to the interior, as well offering a connection to the surrounding landscape.  

Students enter the school from the south through the ‘Celebration Space’, which displays the pupils’ achievements to inspire them. This space links, through the Art Gallery,  to the visitors’ entrance to the North, so that they too can appreciate the achievements of the school community.

The school’s ethos ‘Excellence: for each, for all’ is reflected in the series of clearly organized diverse spaces. Each space aims to inspire the pupils, staff and visitors alike in a school which consciously serves and supports the local community. 

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"The building has a soul and character; it is functional and innovative, engaging and responsive. Students' needs are at the heart of the design and it is an outstanding environment for learning."
Wayne Lloyd, Headteacher
To create the ideal learning environment we have deliberately set out to avoid the increasing trend of greater reliance on energy intensive systems

Key to our passive strategy is the use of cross ventilation in the classrooms to prevent overheating and provide fresh air, all while ensuring the rooms remain acoustically separated from the rest of the building. Air quality sensors within each classroom and windows, with simple openable panels behind a louvred screen, allow the occupants to control their space.

These openable panels work with the acoustically attenuated openings in the bulkheads of the classrooms, which allow the hot, stale air to be removed through the three, four storey atria in the school.

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"We cannot praise enough the quality of the design of our new school building. It is light, bright and responsive... Our students value the design and utility of the building and respond positively to the space."
Wayne Lloyd, Headteacher
"[The new building] is contributing to the ongoing success of our school and presents an exciting future for education in our community."
Wayne Lloyd, Headteacher
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