The Exchange Greengate Masterplan
In Brief

Salford City Council/ Network Rail


Construction value: 

Masterplan Completion:
January 2007

This is a major regeneration project on a complex 15 hectare site, restoring Salford’s historic centre. It comprises 5 million square feet of high density urban block and high-rise mixed-use space, arranged around a new sequence of significant public spaces.

Close to the centre of Manchester, this key inner city site historically forms the gateway between the two cities and has thus been a place of markets and exchanges. It is dominated by two prominent physical features: the river, which curves around the Manchester city boundary, and an astonishing railway viaduct as a prime example of heroic Victorian engineering. The site offers extraordinary potential to provide a city sector of European importance.

Our proposal incorporates the “New Exchange”, a model zero-energy sustainable community, 1,700 new homes, 13,000 square metres of public ‘realm’, a new 6,000 square metre Waterspace, 2,500 new trees, four new bridges linking the two cities, a new 600 metre Urban Pier (possibly the longest land pier in the UK): all in all comprising a new community of 8,000 people. 

Our Urban Design studio played a key role in producing the Development Framework, the Public Realm and Urban Blocks.

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