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Leeds' new Vita Student accommodation brings together the best amenities for student life with specialist studio apartments. It balances a sense of home and belonging with a social hub where students can build friendships and connect with the City. In the north east of Leeds City Centre, the building is of simple and elegant proportions, contributing to the emerging skyline. 

The 7,11 and18 storey serviced apartment building comprises 376 units in a range of sizes.  At ground floor and mezzanine level are facilities including a gym, shared social areas and study spaces and a new restaurant and bar which will open out into New Briggate Park. 

Drawing on Leeds' traditional architectural ceramic and fabric industries, the building façade is expressed as a woven pattern of glazed ceramic cladding. The three parts of the building are treated as separate entities, clearly articulated by the horizontal and vertical 'weft and warp' of the tiles. Its glazed surface will reflect light, changing throughout the day as well as the seasons. 

The development and new park will make up part of a green corridor linking neighbouring areas of park. Existing mature trees have been retained and new hard and soft landscaping will create an identity and sense of place and social space on this former car park site.