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Score Ethiopia

Lalibela, Ethiopia 

Construction value: 
On-going charity project

This is a community project for a sports facility to serve the whole community of Lalibela in Ethiopia. The aim is to build not only a pitch but also other commercial and educational facilities alongside to maximise the investment for the town.

The work included group consultations with children from the local schools, community leaders and local government officials. The children also got involved on site, helping to plan potential layouts with our team.

New cultural and community learning facilities are important spin offs as they could potentially support HIV screening programmes and agricultural training. 

The town administration is responsible for the upkeep of the sports ground, implementation of future training programmes and security, while a community group will maintain the pitches and take part in planning, assisted by the local school children. 

Volunteers from FCBStudios also took the opportunity to meet the Ethiopian Tree Fund Foundation to get advice on measures to prevent pitch erosion, help drainage and potentially to maintain alternative income sources.

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