Oundle SciTec
In Brief

Oundle School


Construction Value:
Phase One: £8m

August 2007


Oundle SciTec is an innovative scheme which brings together the teaching of technology, art and aesthetics with the study of science. Oundle is one of the largest independent schools in the country and has an established reputation for science, technology and art. This new project provides a landmark building which embodies the ethos and spirit of the school. The new centre houses science laboratories, art and design technology studios, a 260 seat lecture theatre and library.

Oundle School had an aspiration for the project to be not just environmentally ‘friendly’ but ‘progressive’.

The design incorporates photovoltaics into the roof structure over the central gallery space, providing sunshading and energy, solar thermal panels (for hot water), and the adaption of the existing bunker to act as a cooling labyrinth drawing air into the lecture theatre, so tempering it by 3-4C. A 560sqm lake has been created to provide a habitat for flora and fauna, and for use in academic study.

In addition to providing the focus for SciTec, the project also unites the existing disparate elements of the site and exerts a new unifying force. It is intended to promote a sense of openness and communication within the school, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and discovery.

Selected Awards

2008 RIBA/English Partnerships Sustainability Award: Shortlisted

2008 RIBA Award: Winner

2008 RIBA Award: RIBA  Sorrell Foundation Schools Award: Shortlisted

2008 RIBA Award: Regional East Midlands: Winner

2008 RIBA Sustainability Award: Shortlisted

2008 RIBA Award: National Winner 

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"I am very keen to champion a building we are very proud of and which elicits a huge amount of favourable comment from all who visit it."
Bob Briggs Second Master, Oundle School
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