Onwards and Upwards School
In Brief

PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)

Buloba, Uganda

February 2008


This new secondary school complex on the outskirts of Kampala was completed by the Richard Feilden Foundation (RFF) in 2008.

The RFF collaborated with PEAS, a charity which provides low cost secondary school education. PEAS focus on providing very high level of education in their schools through supportive teacher training and strong governance of the school which involves the local community at a low-cost price for local families. The school also provides boarding facilities for children who have no local family home to return to.

The work and learning though building the Onwards and Upwards school initiated the Foundation’s project to create an illustrated Ugandan School Design Guide to provide basic school design principles and parameters for local people.

The school was officially opened by the Mayor of Kampala, the Government Minister for Gender and Social Development, and Tish Feilden, on behalf of the RFF.

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