New Generation Village for Street Children
In Brief

New Generation, Street Action

Bujumbura, Burundi, East Africa


We are working with ‘Street Action’ and ‘New Generation’, two charities who work with street children to design and build accommodation designed to re-integrate them into the Rural communities of Burundi. These partner charities have long experience of working with children in South Africa and Kenya and have got to know and understand the community in Burundi.

The building of the ‘New Generation Village’ provides short and long-term options for street children to find alternatives to street life. This on-going project provides homes, education and a safe environment to offer support and security for young children and is designed to re-integrate street children into the Rural communities of Burundi.  

The brief for the project was to develop an exemplar Burundian village, a microcosm of a community, which has both public streets and spaces and ‘safe havens’ providing privacy. The need for economic and social sustainability underlays it.

The village will have four houses which will be able to accommodate a total of 40 children as well as a guest house which will be used to generate income for the village and a small farm which will be set up and run by the children. The food grown on the farm will be used to feed the children in the village and any surplus will be sold in order to generate some income. This is an exciting and innovative way of helping children make the transition from living and working on the streets back into their communities.

FCBStudios provide the charities with professional experience of sustainable development, consultation with a community and design of ‘houses’ for the children.

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