Gweithdy, St Fagans National Museum of History
In Brief

National Museum Wales


Construction value: 
‘Making History’ Project: £30million

October 2018

Gweithdy celebrates the culture, heritage and skills of Welsh craft in a new gallery, workshop and visitor hub for St Fagans National Museum of History.

Translating from the Welsh as ‘made by hand’, Gweithdy provides flexible workshop and demonstration spaces for a huge range of craft, science and archaeology activities and a hands-on exhibition which hosts 500 items from the craft and archaeology collections of the National Museum Wales.  A built-in forge under cover of the building canopy is used for metalwork demonstrations and other heavy crafts activities and creates a focal point for this part of the park. 

Designed to be a good example of environmentally responsible architecture, Gweithdy is integrated into the renewed 19th Century woodland landscape setting through its form and materiality.

Situated next to a stepped amphitheatre and at a crossing of paths, the pavilion is a natural destination for visitors, drawing more people further into the Museum Park. Gweithdy also houses a new coffee shop and visitor toilets.


2019 Art Fund Museum of the Year (St Fagans)

2019 RSAW Award

2018 RICS Wales Regional Award: Tourism and Leisure Award

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"The building has been designed to be a simple, but environmentally responsive form, and it does not fail to deliver this ambition in its calm, simple, and sustainable execution."
RSAW Awards Judges
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