Gerui Resort Spa
In Brief

Gerui Resort Spa

Zhengzhou, China

Competition Only

A limited competition entry for The Gerui Resort Spa to provide luxurious guest accommodation set within a beautiful lakeside landscape in central China. Our proposal makes reference to traditional local materials and building forms to create an entirely contemporary environment which will demonstrate excellence in concept design, detail and sustainability.

The building forms are inspired by the landscape with some elements conceived as part of the groundscape and others hovering above the plateau. Luxurious suites with private terraces and villas with pools are arranged along the escarpment, stepping down to the lake; whilst standard and family rooms are arranged around the courtyard garden above public spaces, comprising reception, bar and several restaurants. 

The bathing centre nestles into an inlet with public rooms set into the cliff and a slender circular tower of rooms rising above the plateau. Private residential villas are separated from the hotel by the inlet and benefit from stunning views over the lake.

This competition winning masterplan was developed with local partners.

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