Felnex Masterplan
In Brief


Hackbridge, London

The Felnex masterplan sets out to transform Hackbridge with the creation of a new neighbourhood based around a sustainable way of living, working and playing. The redevelopment of the 7.7 hectare Felnex Trading Estate includes housing, a new supermarket, a doctor’s surgery, residential care home, shops and business space based around a series of open spaces. The development aims to create over 700 new homes and more than 400 additional jobs.

There are three components of the masterplan – The Hackbridge Hub, the New Neighbourhood and the Business Forest.

The Hackbridge Hub will provide a new focal point for Hackbridge. The new supermarket, shops and community facilities will surround the new public space which can host events and markets throughout the year.

The New Neighbourhood will provide a range of housing, from modern apartments to family town homes. These homes will be set in a verdant landscape which will include pocket parks, pedestrian priority streets and edible gardens. The rich variety of open spaces will create a unique setting while providing ample spaces for children to play and residents to engage with one another.

The scheme meets the high sustainability standards in keeping with Hackbridge's 'sustainable suburb' ethos and was granted outline planning permission by Sutton Council in May 2011.

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