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Brighton’s great strength is its eclecticism. The new cultural quarter at iCity has been designed to allow this pluralism to thrive.

Each built element functions independently but at the same time expresses part of the whole, interdependent neighbourhood. The sequence of flexible external spaces and the complementary uses of the buildings creates a round-the-clock lifestyle.

  • Brightonicity is a neighbourhood for the 21st century
  • Led by 24-hour access to the university library
  • Fed by residents of the new tower & start-up businesses
  • Sustained by an exciting range of cafes, pubs and a “green” hotel
  • Enlivened by a constantly changing cityscape of markets, events and festivals.

And, of course, there is always a deck-chair. We are at the other end of the pier after all. Cute bathing huts and 21st century bathing machines punctuate the outdoor rooms, bringing a unique sense of renewal and relaxation even for those who work there. Establishing a new neighbourhood in a historic city like Brighton is no mean feat. A sense of place, a sense of belonging emanates from a distinctive history and a distinctive character. 

iCity builds on the distinctive essence of Brighton to express its unique personality. 

The ceramic cladding is reminiscent of both the mathematical tiles so characteristic of East Sussex and Brighton and evocative of that other great sea-side city Barcelona. The colour palette is inspired by the distinctive shades of the Terrier Map articulated by more modern touches of fritted glass and soffit lighting. And as for the stripes. Have you ever seen the wonderful angled shadows thrown onto the beach when the sun creeps down beside the pier? 

Day or night, summer or winter, BrightoniCity works, plays, eats, sleeps and studies 24/7.