Catalyst Building
In Brief

University of Staffordshire

Stoke on Trent


January 2022

The Catalyst at the University of Staffordshire provides world-class services and settings to support students through their education and towards their employment.

The vision for the building is that it is all things to all students, is relevant to all students, and fosters a busy student and visitor user base that supports the University’s objective of a ‘sticky campus’. It brings together social, study, teaching and support functions all under one roof, in a variety of settings that will invite, inspire and enable students, staff, employers and visitors.

The Catalyst is a modern, digitally enhanced social learning environment (complete with a library), a food court and flexible event facilities, the natural home for collaboration, innovation and engagement within the university and with the region’s employers. The building has been designed to have a bold and striking character, incorporating excellence in construction and sustainability that aligns with the University’s own pursuit of excellence in education.

The spacious landscaped campus setting informed the concept of a building amongst greenery, with a permeable ground floor plane allowing inside and outside to feel continuous and connected.

Catalyst Building

"A new blueprint for buildings within the University, the learning environment will be flexible, digital spaces, like we have never seen before."

Prof Liz Barnes, University of Staffordshire Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive


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