Budapest Velodrome
In Brief

he Municipality of Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

€24 million 


FCBStudios response to an international competition for a new velodrome for Budapest was inspired by the functional, but elegant design of the bicycle.

A long span circular roof structure echoes the anatomy of a bicycle wheel and ‘floats’ over the velodrome. Within the area marked by the roof is a complex network of spaces providing state of the art facilities for recreational as well as competition level sport as the new centre of cycling in Hungary. The entrance, at ground level, ramps up to a public concourse leading to the spectator seating, half of which would be provided as temporary seating to provide flexibility for major events.

Located in a former industrial district between the railway and the river Danube the proposed velodrome site enjoys sweeping views but has few existing access routes. FCBStudios design placed a new square and events space on the riverfront and created a grand processional route to the main entrance from the road. A ferry hub would also link into the existing river traffic, connecting this future cultural district to the old town of Budapest. Our submission was purchased and awarded with commendation.

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