Battle of Britain Beacon
In Brief

Royal Air Force Museum 

RAF Hendon

Construction value:

Feasibility study only

Following the success of our museums for RAF Cosford and RAF Hendon we created an iconic concept scheme for a new interpretation centre focused on the Battle of Britain. The Beacon is designed to be a lasting tribute, not only to the sacrifice of young men from around the world who were involved in such a defining moment in history, but also to the ordinary people for whom it was their 'Finest Hour'. 

The elegant and sleek structure is designed to dominate the skyline and will be visible from central London. It features a tapered body measuring 116 metre (350ft) which culminates in a beautiful shell on one side while the cone is slashed through on the other to reveal the swooping and circling forms of three iconic aircraft as they dogfight in the actual battlespace.

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