At FCBStudios we have been creating successful, sustainable spaces for arts and culture for over thirty years. Whether working to upgrade and remodel found spaces or starting from scratch with a new building, we remain focused on designing environments and creating content based on experience, plurality, learning and theatricality.

We have always supported charitable ventures with architectural advice. Projects at home and abroad are overseen and part-funded by the FCBStudios Charities Group and by staff donating their time. In 2005 we established the Richard Feilden Foundation to support architecture and education projects in Africa where we currently have 4 live projects.

Creative Re-use at FCBStudios combines specialist conservation skills with design flair to provide an innovative approach to existing buildings and historic contexts. We consider that conservation and design are inseparable and that the re-use of buildings is an integral part of creating sustainable architecture.

The impact of buildings on our health is huge. FCBStudios recognises that simple and intuitive design features can affect people's wellbeing. Plenty of daylight, natural ventilation, good acoustics, access to green space and design which encourages connected communities all have a positive impact. Our research and learning is brought into every project.

FCBStudios have delivered Higher Education projects including faculty buildings, libraries, student accommodation, unions and specialist research buildings, as well as estate strategies, masterplans and city campuses. We bring knowledge of evolving themes in learning, teaching and 'student life' and enjoy collaborating on the design of bespoke, innovative and stimulating environments.

In our work abroad we draw on our knowledge and experience as we balance the challenges of localism and globalism. We have developed an increasingly strong international portfolio with projects on five continents applying problem solving skills in the context of specific cultural, environmental and technical challenges.

FCBStudios welcomes the opportunity to engage with all the communities we design for, to better understand their needs and aspirations and to share with them the journey by which the best new development is delivered. We were founder members of the RIBA Community Architecture Group and pioneered the 'percent for participation' in the early 1990s.

Our research reflects our passions as architects. Current research in and alongside our projects looks at tracking energy consumption and optimising building performance in new buildings, trends in housing supply and restoration of modernist buildings. It has benefitted from research grants, debates, symposia and a more engaged, better informed practice.

FCBStudios have extensive experience of creating new communities through masterplanning and designing residential schemes. The Stirling Prize-winning Accordia is widely regarded as setting new standards for UK housing. Our homes are responsive to different patterns of living and provide intimacy, privacy and security whilst forging a sense of community.

We have worked for around 40 different school clients and we enjoy the challenge. Our work is shaped by economics, education policy and procurement and reflects our social, environmental and architectural values. Whether new-build or refurbishment, we design our schools as communities to enrich the lives of those who use them and the wider communities they serve.

We recognise that buildings have an impact beyond the confines of their sites. We are interested in the wider relationships between buildings and their historical, environmental and socio-economic contexts. In our urban design, we want to create accessible and liveable communities and cities which inspire a sense of belonging and ownership for all.

We have extensive experience of designing workplaces from company headquarters to large commercial offices. Informed by our research we have designed some of the most sustainable workplaces in the UK and our proven sustainable approach has been recognised as adding value to contemporary workplaces.

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The Edge

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