“Analogue, crafted and handmade” at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

13 June 2023

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Architecture Room is a barometer of what is happening in the industry. The past few years have focussed on sustainable architecture – for good reason - but this year Peter Barber’s curatorial message calls for a return to the craft of architecture. His provocation suggests a need to reconnect with materials and the process of building.

Studio Leader Andy Theobald, who led the design for the Faculty of Arts Building at Warwick University, is no stranger in our modelshop. For the project the architectural team and our modelmakers made a series of maquettes to explore form, colour and materiality – influenced by the use of clay by ancient civilisations, the work of Eduardo Chillida and the landscape of the Warwick campus.

At the Royal Academy this year we present a series of these models, and an insight into the process of their making.