Jo, Marianne and Rachael to take part in PedElle 2024

05 May 24

pedelle 2024

This June, Jo Gimenez, Marianne Howard and Rachael Moon will be taking part in the PedElle charity cycling challenge, organised by Club Peloton, with Jo returning to her role of Ride Captain for another year.

This year’s 2024 edition will take the riders 450km across (and 5725m vertically!) through Poland’s hilly landscapes, heading from Krakow and ending up in Sienna (Sienna, Poland... not Siena, Italy!) three days later, close to the Czech border. 
Beyond the physical challenge and the opportunity to support a worthy cause, PedElle presents a unique chance for us to expand our professional network and foster meaningful connections within the industry.

PedElle is a powerful movement celebrating women within real estate, also hosting an array of year-round talks and events. FCBS’s continued active engagement with fellow participants, sponsors and supporters offers invaluable networking prospects. A crucial aspect of the riders participation in PedElle is the focus on supporting women within the built environment at all levels of their careers, providing a platform for women to share experiences and inspire one another.
The team are raising money for Club Peloton’s variety of incredible projects aimed at transforming the lives of young people. These fantastic initiatives range from gifting bikes, tandems and adapted trikes to children and young people affected by cancer (800 already awarded!) to recruiting families for children waiting longer than 18 months to find adoptive homes (an amazing 1,150 to date).

If you would like to support the riders, please click this link.