10 May 2023

We are thrilled to welcome Marcus Rothnie, Alice Laws, Joe Jack Williams, Alina White, Kossy Nnachetta and Chris Allen to the FCBStudios partnership.   Keith Bradley said “ Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios is a uniquely broad, shared-equity partnership. We are delighted to announce six new Partners, who will add to, and extend our range of talents and views,  for the future of our practice .“


Dr Joe Jack Williams is a researcher and environmental lead at the practice. He led the development of FCBS Carbon. Embedded in a number of industry sustainability groups, he plays a key role guiding the practice, and the wider industry, towards carbon zero.

  Kossy Nnachetta is an architect who brings experience, technical excellence and deep understanding of sustainable design to her broad range of projects. She played a key role on Central Quad for TU Dublin and is currently leading a regenerative workplace for the Wellcome Trust. She is passionate about bringing fresh voices to the design table.

  Chris Allen is an architect with a passion for delivering social value within projects. He led work on the Southbank Skate Park and the Hayward Gallery, and is currently leading a mixed-use masterplan for Camley Street in Camden, putting the community at the heart of the neighbourhood.

  Alice Laws is fundamental to the management of the partnership and its finances, focussed on project analysis, fees and resourcing across the practice.

  Alina White has an excellent track record of delivering healthy, sustainable homes and workplaces for FCBStudios. She led work on the Battersea Exchange Masterplan and is currently leading the construction of Three Chamberlain Square for Paradise Birmingham and the Author Building in London’s Kings Cross.

  Marcus Rothnie is a talented architect and designer, with a passion for landscape, regenerative design and sustainable education. He played a key role on Warwick University’s Faculty of Arts Building and is currently leading work at Bristol Zoo Project.