Nearly Everything

Architect Charlie Wellingham talks about the concept behind FCBStudios’ recent art installation at the Control Room in Bristol

Copyright Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

The name is derived from a quote by Sir John Summerson which hints at the extent of the city’s architectural history, as well as the possibility of future ambitions to come.

Just like Summerson FCBStudios have a deep affection for the city of Bristol – dating back to Peter Clegg’s involvement with the Urban Centre for Appropriate Technology in the early 1980s. 25 years later and the city is celebrating its status as European Green Capital, and remains as committed as ever to pioneering and innovative solutions to the urban problems of the contemporary city.

The installation celebrates everything about urban Bristol that makes it so inspirational, and one of our favourite places to work; from the eccentric historical legacy to the visionary forward thinking. The colourful architecture, the decorative warehouses, and the unique quality of light at the water’s edge are captured and reconfigured by a collection of mirrored tripods - inhabiting the pure geometry of the utilitarian Control Room, and converting the entire space into an optical apparatus.

“If I had to show a foreigner one English city and one only, to give him a balanced idea of English architecture, I should take him to Bristol, which has developed in all directions, and where nearly everything has happened”. Sir John Summerson

Many thanks to the Bristol Creative Spaces team for their support, and to Dave, Holly, Harry and Tim from FCBS Bath office for the design and construction of the installation.

Charlie Wellingham

Watch the timelape film