The water cycle: Llanishen and Lisvane Reservoir Centre collect SuDS prize

28 June 2024

People walking on the upper and lower levels of modern building with wooden accents and glass railings. The building is surrounded by a landscaped garden with purple flowers. The scene is sunny with a clear blue sky

Its fitting that a project for Welsh Water should take extra care of how it deals with rainwater. 
The vision, when Welsh Water took over the listed twin reservoirs on the outskirts of Cardiff in 2016, was to create a hub for recreation, health and wellbeing—somewhere for local residents to connect with the water and the environment. Sat between the two reservoirs and hosting watersports facilities, a café and an information centre, its connection to the water is its reason for being.

People enjoying themselves at reservoir centre on sunny day

The Reservoir Centre was one of the first projects to be delivered following the introduction of SuDS (Sustainable drainage systems) as a statutory requirement in Wales. Working with Momentum Engineering, the project uses innovative and ecological drainage solutions with water chains, rills and rain gardens. The rain, and its future as a leisure facility and drinking water are celebrated.
This week, the project picked up a SuDS prize in the best commercial project category, recognising the elegant, practical and sustainable solution that we have delivered here.