31 March 2023

Flaxmill and heritage buildings at Cleeves Limerick

The masterplan for the 10-acre site proposes a people focused scheme that will conserve and integrate the heritage buildings within a mixed-use scheme. Located on the northern bank of the River Shannon the site includes the historic Cleeves factory, the Shipyard site and the Salesian’s site and the Flaxmill and chimney is an icon on the city skyline.  The vision for the site is an open and green development that will very much be part of the emerging city centre. A mix of residential, commercial, and education will be combined with a strong cultural offering and vibrant public realm that links to both the city and the river. The redevelopment of this vacant site will retain the historic buildings and industrial heritage, and encourage new business investment. Simon Carter, Partner FCBStudios said “A sustainable development starts with the community, creating a neighbourhood that encourages and enables a low-impact lifestyle. Our masterplan is underpinned by a resilient and phased design approach. It will bring a complementary mix of working, living and learning within a public realm that promotes community. “ The project is a collaboration between FCBStudios and Bucholz McEvoy Architects, with Mitchell + Associates and Arup. Comments are open via until 14 April. For more information visit