KTP Partnership with University College London

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership with UCL looks at the development of passive and low-energy solutions for the development of safe, resilient, and comfortable zero carbon buildings around the world and their application on live projects within FCBStudios.

With the aim of providing enough information to empower architects and designers with the fundamental and desirable features for zero carbon building, Dr Daniel Zepeda Rivas is working on the development of a handbook and associated measurement tool.

Derived from a thorough analytical process using the latest climate data and technology available it will guide project teams through the application of essential criteria for zero carbon building. Information is processed, curated, and presented in a way that means sustainability can be embedded and reflected from early design stages and enhanced as projects progress, improving the decision-making process with precise details about the advantages of particular design and construction features.

The tool is currently being developed using projects by the practice and the Feilden Foundation in Dhaka in Bangladesh, Kigali in Rwanda, The Gambia and London, and selected cities in the US as case studies. Both the handbook and the tool are planned to be launched in 2023 as free resources for the industry.