Aug 2015

Pope's Urn gets planning permission

A new sculpture based closely on a famous urn linked to Twickenham’s most celebrated resident, poet Alexander Pope, has received planning permission.

This 21st Century take on a lost Georgian cultural artefact will provide a popular and accessible introduction to the poet and his work and will be a fitting focal point for the new landscaping at Champion’s Wharf in Twickenham. 

Standing at just over 8 foot high, the urn and pedestal will be made of Corten Steel, a material popular with sculptors of today including Richard Serra and Sir Anthony Gormley, and designed so that the solidity of the sculpture will change at different viewpoints, representing the original form whilst bringing it firmly into a new era.

The sculpture is created in partnership with ‘Poet in the City’, a leading literary organisation and public art consultancy.

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Pope's Urn gets planning permission