Sep 2019

On 20th September, FCBStudios will be marking a day of Climate Action

Staff will be encouraged to march with the schools climate strike demonstrations on Friday 20 September. We will then link the offices for an informal lunchtime carbon footprint review before an afternoon of collaborative zero-carbon project workshops with contributions from guest speakers and project reviews focussing on their carbon impacts.
This day of Climate Action is one of a series of events and exhibits the practice is holding around this theme which started with a One Planet Living exhibit in the London studio during London Climate week in July. FCBStudios are the architectural global founders of  

FCBStudios were members of the original Architect’s Declare group that identified 11 actions that the construction industry needs to commit to, in order to create architecture and urbanism that has a more positive impact on the world around us. We are now extending, strengthening and adapting our practice, in order to make that commitment. Our response to the 11 action points can be read here:
Ian Taylor, Partner and R&I lead at FCBStudios said “In response to the climate emergency, we are taking considered action that affects every aspect of our work and life. In analysing what has worked, and what has failed, in the past, we can build up a body of knowledge that can be applied to how we shape and inhabit our built environment. Through access to research and data, creative reuse and new social systems, there is still hope that we can slow climate change.”
Peter Clegg said “When we started the practice we were determined to do things differently. There was a sense of rebellion in the air, and we seem to be rekindling that now. As individuals, we can all make a difference, but if we can collaborate and work together with our clients, our teams and our colleagues, sharing our knowledge and experience, that difference can be multiplied exponentially.

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On 20th September, FCBStudios will be marking a day of Climate Action