Oct 2017

IntenCity website now live

Over the past months we have held a series of Salons to explore how we can accommodate growth through maximising the opportunity for more of us to engage in more diverse activities, in more places in the city.

FCBStudios joined forces with Useful Projects, Expedition, Social Life and Grant Associates for the IntenCity salons, to explore whether a visionary and innovative response to current urban design trends allows for an increase in urban intensity and density – ultimately accommodating growth while delivering both a positive social and economic agenda?

The partners hosted three Salons that brought together the private and public sector, cross-disciplinary professionals, academics, developers and planners. Through discussion based around loose themes of social interactions in cities, environmental infrastructure and urban design, a set of principles emerged. The Salons and these principles are captured on the new website:  http://urban-intencity.com

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IntenCity website now live