Nov 2017

Geoff Rich completes Cycle Myanmar expedition

Huge congratulations to Geoff Rich and the Cycle Myanmar expedition team who have completed their 550 km cycle from Yangon to Mandalay and back over 10 days to raise nearly £35,000 for  charity Article 25.

But it’s not just cycling. Having started in Yangon with workshops on BREEAM, healthcare architecture and architectural photography the 15-strong group, which also included Peter Murray, Tom Dollard, Grant Smith and Tim Wiseman, visited 10 regional health centres, a primary school and a township hospital to survey their facilities and get an insight into the challenges and successes of the existing healthcare infrastructure. Along the way they have met hundreds of locals who shared their stories and welcomed them into their homes. 

Since 2015, Article 25 has been helping with the regeneration of Yangon General Hospital, one of the largest and most important public healthcare institutions in Myanmar. Article 25 was asked to draw up a masterplan for the hospital and now has teams in Myanmar and London providing technical advice and guidance on the refurbishment.  The charity’s plan includes using local skills to create a long-term sustainable hospital. This research into Myanmar’s healthcare provision, local capacity and knowledge will go a long way to ensuring that Article 25’s involvement in renewing and expanding free public health facilities in Myanmar can continue to be effective. 

Read blogs from Geoff Rich and Tim Wiseman here.

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Geoff Rich completes Cycle Myanmar expedition