Feb 2017

Coffers, pyramids, concrete and rooflights

The final glass pyramid has now been installed at the Hayward Gallery as part of Southbank Centre’s #LetTheLightIn project.

The original pyramid rooflights were designed to fulfil the Arts Council and sculptor Henry Moore’s brief to provide controllable natural daylight to the Hayward’s two upper galleries, but never fulfilled these ambitions. Our project renews the pyramids and removes the false ceilings to increase ceiling heights, recover the direct connection to outside and provide the animating controllable daylight as originally desired.

The 66 new glass pyramids provide essential solar shading and electrically operated internal blinds allow the amount of daylight entering the galleries to be controlled. The pyramids and blinds work in combination with a deeply coffered ceiling to keep direct sunlight out of the gallery while still providing a view of the sky and controllable ever-changing natural light.

Watch the Let the Light in film  

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Coffers, pyramids, concrete and rooflights