Nov 2016

Circle Square gets go ahead for innovative MSCP building

Manchester’s newest neighbourhood, Circle Square has been given the green light for its latest application to accommodate a part-12, part-18 storey building which will include an hotel and an energy centre, in addition to a car-park, ground floor commercial units, office space, a gym, restaurants and bars. 

Alex Whitbread, Partner from FCBStudios said: “It has been designed with Manchester in mind. The simple elevation plays on the overall developments name Circle Square but actually creates a memorable façade that will take its place among the enduring group of contemporary buildings that line the journey along the Mancunian Way.

In contrast to most contemporary car parking structures that are lightweight materials, this proposal is designed to have longevity, and to age well by using materials that will weather in a characterful way.”

The bold and contemporary approach pays homage to Manchester’s industrial past. Drawing on links to the grand infrastructure of the Victorian era, the simple solid forms, repetitive brick elevation and robust construction are emulated in the building design. 

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Circle Square gets go ahead for innovative MSCP building