Sep 2017

A brand new home for Birmingham Conservatoire

Birmingham Conservatoire’s new state-of-the-art home, which opens its doors today, is the first purpose-built music college to be constructed in the UK since 1987 and the only one in the country which has been specifically designed to cater for the demands of the digital age.

Part of Birmingham City University, the £57 million Birmingham Conservatoire boasts five new public performance spaces, including a 500-seat concert hall, a 150-seat recital hall and a 100-seat organ studio as well as the East Side Jazz Club.

Tom Jarman, Partner for FCBStudios said “One of the unusual characteristics of a conservatoire is that it is a place for making lots of different music at the same time. Therefore acoustic separation and the creation of differentiated and tuned musical environments were top of the list of priorities.

"We took the approach that the building should feel, and be, very solid in its nature; that the individual spaces should feel like they have been carved from a block and that the many different scales of space – from 15m3 practice rooms to the 8,000m3 concert hall – should feel as though held within a solid matrix of built fabric. The connective tissue between these spaces for making music are the foyers and circulation spaces, sized according to the capacity of the spaces they serve. In this regard, the main foyer, serving the five major performance venues is a rich and spatially diverse environment of connective routes that link street to university campus, and lower ground to second floor concert hall.”

Professor Philip Plowden, Vice-Chancellor, Birmingham City University said “this is not just a state-of-the-art home for developing the next generation of talented and versatile performers, but it will also enrichen and deepen the university experience for all our students, who will be able to make full use of its facilities and enjoy the rich programme of events planned.”

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A brand new home for Birmingham Conservatoire