Mar 2015


Networking breakfast organised by Archiboo

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Tottenham Street

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The power of the crowd: new ways to fund civic projects

As budgets shrink, crowdfunding is a way to raise awareness and money for civic projects such as The Flyover project in Liverpool, Ancoats Dispensary in Manchester and the Thames Baths in London. is the world’s first crowd funding platform for civic projects and since March 2012 it’s funded a total of 61 civic projects worth £1.8 million.

Margaret Cooney of Spacehive will explain the different crowd based models; why crowdfunding is a cultural and business shift; how it can help communities; what makes a popular project online, partnering with government and business, and the potential for Spacehive and similar platforms in the future.

Architect Chris Romer-Lee of Studio Octopi will talk about the Thames Baths Project, a £10m open-air swimming pool in the Thames off Victoria Embankment, why its chosen Kickstarter, and what it takes to launch a fundraising campaign in order to get a project in for planning.

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