Nov 2017

07/11/2017 - 11/11/2017

King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre
Dead Sea

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World Science Forum 2017 - Science for Peace

Ian Taylor, Partner at FCBStudios, is to take part in the World Science Forum 2017, presenting a special session entitled: 'Spaces for Scientists...thinking, research and collaboration...An architecture for Science for Peace'

The presentation and discussion will look at the functional and experiential characteristics of the working environment and its impact on the success of scientific experimentation and collaboration.  

Scientific endeavour is influenced by the quality of different types of space – to enable technical research, contemplation, collaboration, and engagement to further the positive impacts of science on society. The comfort and well-being of scientists and researchers, as well as the technical performance of facilities, are critical factors which impact on the delivery of successful science. 

In the pursuit of scientific advances which help support Peace, the consideration of individual, local and international social contexts take on an even greater relevance for scientific collaboration and the dissemination of ideas.

The World Science Forum 2017 runs from 7-10 November 2017 by the Dead Sea in Jordan and celebrates World Science Day for Peace and Development. Session themes include: energy and water, food, climate change, the alleviation of poverty and inequality, cultural understanding between peoples and the creation of wealth and opportunity within all societies. 

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