Apr 2017

07/04/2017 - 19/05/2017
All day

18.00 - 20.00

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
5, Commercial Court


Living in Belfast presents...EXCLAVE

Belfast has development potential unlike any other UK regional city. This allows the city to reinvent itself but the reasons for its development potential also present a distinct set of problems; the models applied to foster the development of other cities may be applicable in part, but significant issues associated with transport, land values, tenure and government structure present the need to create bespoke solutions.

‘Iconic’, ‘landmark’ and ‘gateway’ projects dot the city but the background fabric of the city itself is anemic. Missing is organic residential development around historic cores and the inclusion of higher density homes in new development plans.

In January 2017 with support from Arts & Business, PLACE and FCBStudios ran an open call for artwork addressing the above themes. The successful artists were Eamon Quinn and Caroline McCusker who put forward a joint proposal to work in collaboration. Eamon Quinn’s interest in the built environment, the physicality of a development versus the history of an area or social need, combined with Caroline McCusker’s interest in breaking down the distinction between people and their domestic objects has led to the artists developing a new collaborative sculptural work.

Focusing on construction and simultaneous destruction as a conceptual theme, and using salvaged architecture and new building materials, they have produced a finished structure that is surreal and precarious.

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