September 2021

FCBS Carbon named AJ100 Sustainability Initiative of the Year 2021

FCBS CARBON is a free and simple-to-use carbon calculator, designed to be used at the earliest stages of a project. The platform uses benchmarked data from the ICE database and EPDs to give insight into the whole life carbon impact of a project and inform design decisions accordingly.

One judge noted: ‘This is the right tool in the right place. The early-stage aspect is really good because that’s when you can have an impact. When an architect is pushing diagrams around, you also need to be able to push carbon around. Otherwise carbon comes in as an engineering clip-on much later on. If a practice made a decision to adopt this tool and have reviews at every stage using it, that would impact its work.’

The calculator has been designed as a user-friendly platform that would empower the design team to have informed conversations during design, and with clients and consultants about the carbon impact of a project.  ‘It’s not about a perfect estimate; it’s about the relative impacts of different moves, such as adding a storey, taking out a basement, or changing glazing ratio or type,’ explains FCBStudios associate Joe Jack Williams.

FCBStudios is endeavouring to use the calculator on all our early-stage projects, upskilling our team to be able to intuitively design low-carbon buildings. Download it here.

FCBS Carbon named AJ100 Sustainability Initiative of the Year 2021