December 2020

FCBStudios practice carbon footprint study shows lowest emissions for 15 years

Since we started calculating the practice’s carbon footprint in 2006, our records show that our annual carbon emissions have halved from an average of 1.6 t per person to 0.8 t per person.

Calculations for the carbon emissions of FCBStudios' five studios, in the (pre covid) period from April 2019 to April 2020, measured a total of 179 tCO2.  This is the lowest level recorded by the practice, with the total having fluctuated from 192 tCO2 in 2006 to a peak of 262 tCO2 in 2018 as the size of the practice has grown, including expanding from two offices to five. However, the average per person emissions has steadily decreased.

Dr Joe Jack Williams said “Over the past 15 years our recording processes have become more accurate and our appreciation of the issues across the practice have increased. We still have some way to go to reduce our carbon footprint to zero without using offsetting, but this year marks a good milestone for us, on which we hope to build.”

In the 2019-20 period, the practice reduced the number of flights taken (mainly short-haul between the UK and Ireland) and instead increased use of virtual meeting technology. An ongoing capital projects programme replaced many of the light fittings in the London and Bath Studios with LED fittings and we promoted better user control of heating in our London and Bath studios.

Although not measured within the carbon footprint, the impact of our food and drink was reduced, as the practice became ‘lunchtime vegetarians’ and changes to our website and other hosting reduced their carbon impact. 

Next year’s carbon calculations will reflect the shift to homeworking, and the impact that has had on both the practice carbon footprint and our personal carbon footprints.