Affordable Housing

The chronic shortfall in new housing is now a vital issue and we believe that an emphasis on design quality should be at the forefront of new initiatives. Our long track record in designing for sustainability equips us to join in the pursuit of zero carbon housing and we are actively engaged in designing for minimum environmental impact.

We design buildings that are responsive to different patterns of living and provide intimacy, privacy and security whilst also helping to create a sense of community. Much of our work has a strong social agenda and consequently, we acknowledge the value of affordable and social housing as part of diverse and sustainable communities.

Our long established working relationship with housing providers has ensured that we understand the need for a commitment to high-quality building fabric whilst also ensuring best value for residents. We believe this approach offers a more insightful understanding of sustainability which can more effectively create vibrant and dynamic neighbourhoods.

Our affordable and social housing schemes draw on our collective experience and reflect closely our client’s ambitions and budget, whilst also responding to the opportunities that each site has to offer. These projects, therefore, range in density, scale, and tenure to suit each individual condition and the projects in this brochure reflect this. Furthermore, our projects also explore appropriate opportunities for standardisation and innovative modular and offsite forms of construction, something that, along with the low carbon agenda, we continue to develop.

Download our affordable housing brochure here.