Collaboration is needed across the profession: with engineers, with architects in other parts of the world, with governments who can make changes. We work across disciplines and with research and campaigning groups to support regenerative design practices and apply our knowledge to our work.

Climate Responsive Design

Using natural systems which respond to the local climate should be an integral part of the design process to face the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Climate responsive design is not relevant to any one region in the world. Whether designing in the UK, Scandinavia, East Africa or South America, understanding the local climate and responding to that climate in a way that lessens the impact of a project's embodied, operational or full life-cycle carbon is imperative.

The Climate Responsive Design microsite has been created as a means to engage with people across the globe, to share knowledge built through first-hand experience, to form collaborations, and start conversations so that together, as an industry, we can affect change.

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Climate Responsive Design
Collaborative Design
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It's very important we don't work in isolation. We need to talk to our clients, users and collaborators. We need to ask 'What are your ambitions for net carbon zero? What are your plans for regenerative design? What about biodiversity?'

Dr Joe Jack Williams, Associate
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