We are committed as a practice to improving not only the health and wellbeing of people within our own practice but reducing our own personal and practice environmental footprint. 

Environmental Routemap

Our Environmental Routemap is based on the 10 One Planet Living principles and creates a framework to measure the practice’s environmental impact.

In measuring the impact of own estate and working methods, we monitor, appraise and report with the intention to fully understand the effects of our actions, and then, where feasible and relevant, improve.

The One Planet Living principles each have measurable indicators that enable us to ensure year on year improvement and help us to reach our practice environmental aspirations. We hold a longstanding ISO140001 accreditation which is encompassed within our routemap, alongside our practice carbon footprint which includes energy, water, transport, waste and consumables and our broader environmental aspirations such as sharing knowledge with our peers and community,  measuring and maintaining our indoor air quality and minimising the impact of the food we eat at work.

Carbon Footprint
FCBStudios Carbon Footprint

We have been tracking our practice carbon footprint since 2006, to help us to lower the impact of our day-to-day practice activities and to keep carbon a part of our conversation and decision making.

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