Materials matter. In order to achieve an accelerated shift to low embodied carbon it is vital that we interrogate the material choices in our work. By understanding the embodied and emitted carbon in the construction and lifecycle of our designs, we are able to make better informed choices to improve the impact of our work on the environment.


Using benchmarked data from the ICE Database and EPDs, the tool is designed to make potential carbon impacts clear to the client, architect and the whole design team from the outset of the design process.


Through an interactive excel sheet, the simple tool calculates the estimated operational and embodied emissions of key building elements from cradle to grave over a 60-year lifespan from a series of non-technical user inputs.

FCBS CARBON is available for free to the industry. Download it here.

Embodied Carbon of Materials

This online panel discussion explores five different commonly used building materials from cradle to gate, as well as highlighting ways of reducing the impact of each material at each stage in its life.

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